Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls… Your about to witness a Cheap Evo burn rubber  past a Ferrari in a drag race. This car was gone… I mean Ive seen some fast evo mitsubishi but I almost feel sorry for the Exotic Car.  I mean if you bought a ferrari for 200k and you raced a honda civic and it beat you how will you feel about that?

The Japanese do it again with a timed race at the Tsukuba Track. I like how the japanese put soo much excitement into the show. I fell like I’m watching an anime when I watch there timed video’s. This is actually a mix of alot of my favorite cars. Evo, Nissan Z, Acura, Honda S200 all tuned out of this world fast. There is a two part Series

Part 2 is Right below so no need to click.

You know how men get angry when people tell them how to drive? Especially women… No offense women but men generally don’t want to any feed back on how hard the to press the brake or whether or not they see the bright red stop sign in front of them. But unfortunately Rally Car racers don’t have a choice. You need someone telling you every little thing or else you’ll be seriously hurt.

Really… Really Nice Evo Mitsubishi, If I were to design my evo it would be almost exactly that color. It’s an HKS Evo doing godlike laps around the track and it is just awesome. The driver explains how much power is in this car and how it is a little scary…

I thought they were kidding but the actually put up a kid to go against the evo mitsubishi rally car off road with him wearing skates.

japanese girl

What?…. Oh that’s right the post. *clears throat* All I got to say is I really want to go a Japan….I know what your thinking for the women right? Well your right… for the women, but besides that I hear it’s a cool place and of course it’s the home of the really cool auto shows.  Hence the reason why I included a video below that takes us in an auto show plus revel some bad news about the mitsubishi evo mr.

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Awesome Evo Mitsubishi Simulation Driving! I love the NFS series since need for speed underground.  They have really gone more realist simulation. If I had a big t.v like this and some simulation hook ups the same way, then I would definitely hook it up with with some Need for speed Shift action.

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It’s really not an Evo but it’s an awesome drifting video with some serious racing cars.

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Drift like this and add more horse power to your evo with an evo turbo kit. Check out our page to selecting the right one for you.

Probably this vechicle that’s called an Atom,  It looks absolutely awesome! I want to drive it like right now.

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Hey guys just found out there was a second video to this. This one goes more into the problems of the stock evo and why you will need to mod it.

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