evoturboandyBefore you go off into purchasing a turbo there are a few things you need to know about them first. You need to have a basic understanding of how they work and the whether an evo turbo is what your really looking for.

Basically what a turbo does is…

Really simple without going into shop class 101, your evo turbo basically adds more power to your engine. The tuba shaped turbo rapidly blows tightly compressed air directly into your engine which creates bigger combustion’s and adds more torque to the crank. There are more operations that make the turbo work properly but that’s why you get the turbo as a kit.

Bad News about Evo Turbo Kits…

If you haven’t heard turbo kits are pretty expensive. Yep you can expect the price of a reliable turbo to be around $4 Grand and up without feeling like you’ve been cheated out of your money.

The other bad news is that there is a learning curve from understanding what evo turbo you need to buy without damaging your engine to actually installing it yourself or having someone service it if something goes wrong.

Good News about the Evo Turbo

A turbo kits puts waaaay more power into your engine. And I added the “aaaa” in way because it’s expected, depending on your vehicle specs, 40-60% increase in your engines power.  In most cases it’s cheaper to buy the kit and see an extreme power difference, then buy a $100 piece here and a $250 piece there and see minimal performance difference compared to a complete kit.

In Summary…

Even though a turbo kit takes a tremendous amount of time and money, it’s very much worth it to hear the spool on your turbo, the roar of your external waste gate, the whistle on your blow off valve, and the wind in your face with satisfaction that you built this yourself.

If your ready to feel like you have doubled the size of your engine, then I check out my Evo Turbo section.  If you buy a turbo kit through me I’m going to buy you a Boost Controller for


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Thanks for reading and Comment your questions and concerns below

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