The best way to get the most bang for your buck is through a Turbo kit. But Before you install your Evo Turbo there are some cautions you need to know as well as other factors to consider.

Should You Install Your Evo Turbo or Have it Professionally Done?

If you’ve done bolt on installation in the past, like intake, exhaust, and you’re familiar where things are located in your engine then you’re probably good to go. You can expect to spend about 20-25 hours plus you may have to do additional work depending on your turbo and car. The Turbo Manifold will replace the factory exhaust manifold, and the turbo will be mounted on a flange on the turbo manifold.

If your not familiar with your Engine and haven’t installed bolt on parts before then you can call a buddy who has or call around town to find an professional whom can do it for you. This will save you a ton of time, frustration, and unanswered forum reply’s with the subject “ HELP!! SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH MY TURBO” – I’ve seen one today dated a year ago :-/

Cautions before you Buy or Install your Turbo…

A Turbo will have an impact on your whole car’s performance so before you buy or install an Evo turbo you want to be sure that your car can handle the huge power increase.

Most aftermarket kits for naturally aspired engines recommend running no more then 6 to 8 PSI to prevent engine damage.

Your turbo will effect your cars engine, chassis, and driveline so you want to make sure that these parts of your car are in good working condition. If your engine has a crack and your putting more stain on it with more power then you may have yourself an expensive repair that started off just a turbo purchase.

In Summary…

Installing a Turbo will pretty much be an all day job, so you want to decide before you purchase or install your Evo turbo if you will do it or someone else. Also if your car is ready for the power increase, is the engine in working condition, the chassis ok, the driveline? And most importantly are you ready for the added power? :-)


FREE  A’PEXi  Boost Timer When you buy through my link :-) I looked at Boost Controllers and its a pretty awesome accessory complement to your kit. No one else is doing this so far so take advantage.

Thanks for reading and Comment your questions and concerns below

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