Evo Engine- MIVEC a little about how it works

The guys at mitsubishi have a challenge. Here you have a race car that’s loud, rough, and only sits to people uncomfortably. Now you have to take this race car and build it to something that a family can ride in while keeping the performance and not polluting the environment.
The Mivec  engine at Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system and maintains performance and environmental safety. The faster you go the more power it given. the slower you go the less gas you use and the less you pollute the air.

The dual-intake valve camshaft enables changing between low-speed and high-speed modes, resulting in easy operation from low to high rpms, improving the driving experience when starting from a stop light, merging onto the freeway, or accelerating to overtake another car. In the pursuit of pure driving enjoyment, potentially incompatible goals like fuel economy, environment-friendliness, and clean driving have all been achieved.

In Low Speeds
The difference in the dual-intake valve lift (low lift and medium lift) and enhanced in-cylinder streaming further stabilize combustion without compromising fuel economy, emissions, and torque.
In High-speeds
Extending the injection valve opening time and expanding the valve lift range increases intake air mass and achieves output close to best in class.
The grand is equipped with the 2.4L MIVEC and the Colt is equipped with with the 1.3 and 1.5L MIVEC.
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