Hey I’m Don and I am an evo mitsubishi fan to the core.
I remember first seeing fast and the furious and
wondering where do you buy those cars? Later to realize
that they customized them.

I honestly didnt know you can do that to cars.
That’s when I got turned on to customizing cars
then I ran across the famous Evo and just became
hooked on everything about the car.

The Evo is my dream car. Some people dream of
Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s I dream of this one. The car is so
fun stock that you really don’t even need to do anything to
it to get a thrill of a ride.

I remember riding in the new Evo X and go sick because the driver
was going so fast so suddenly. It was exciting while in the car
but when I got out I realized that I was sick.

Anyway that’s a little about me. If your looking to own an evo or already do I encourage you to grab a free copy of my free Kick asphalt guide.  I put together some killer info that new people where looking for. Plus I plan on have a more advanced tuner guide along with it just enter you name and email so that I can keep you posted.