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The Japanese do it again with a timed race at the Tsukuba Track. I like how the japanese put soo much excitement into the show. I fell like I’m watching an anime when I watch there timed video’s. This is actually a mix of alot of my favorite cars. Evo, Nissan Z, Acura, Honda S200 all tuned out of this world fast. There is a two part Series

Part 2 is Right below so no need to click.

Some good production on a video featuring the evo mitsubishi mr. This little bugga is super fast.

AMS shop

I was reading the story of AMS and how they worked really hard to built performance parts for the Evo turbo.  Based on what I read allot of blood sweat and tears went into there products.  These guys started off from bare bone’s and created numerous of proven products that bring proven results. I’ll let you read the details of the story below.

Yep, the guys at AMS were pushing this drag evo to it’s limits. Going for world fastest mitsubishi. Companies are out there testing there product on cars to maximize performance results for these cars. Check out the video and post a comment about whatca think.


Two Rally Cars headlight to headlight, the Evo X and the STI. All suited in a light blue are suited down and dirty to compete with each other. I have a link below of the comparison of these two beast. You know I really liked the Red Evo color, but Import Tuner does a really good job at making this blue tone look guud… So good that I’m catching myself looking at the Subaru. Commet below on what your thoughts are about these comparison.

Sti Vs Evo Import Tuner Style

You know how men get angry when people tell them how to drive? Especially women… No offense women but men generally don’t want to any feed back on how hard the to press the brake or whether or not they see the bright red stop sign in front of them. But unfortunately Rally Car racers don’t have a choice. You need someone telling you every little thing or else you’ll be seriously hurt.

Really… Really Nice Evo Mitsubishi, If I were to design my evo it would be almost exactly that color. It’s an HKS Evo doing godlike laps around the track and it is just awesome. The driver explains how much power is in this car and how it is a little scary…

It’s funny to look at this because of how old the video is. but the white mitsubishi evo  stil has some Vrrrm. You can see top gear’s host looking like you just graduated college. But still have the same sense of humor…

Drifting is dangerous and all it takes is enough speed and momentum then off you go into a furious tumble. This video catches a nice mitsubishi evo 8 real time and slow tumbling at normal and high speeds.

Super Cool drifting from an Evo 9 and and Evo 10. If you can drive like this then you deserve a long pat on the back. These are Two Orange inspirations when you think about owning an Evo. The Big bulky Mitsubishi Evo MR slides those curves in style…

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