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Hey Everyone, If you’ve been wondering what the difference was between the Evo car Evo X and The Ralliart then I’ve got a really good video explaining the differences.  This guy is an Evo X owner and explains a few things about core differences you might what to know before you make a buying decision on the evo car.

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Sup guys,  I’m going to add this to my cool mitsubishi evo accessories collection because this device that could save you hundreds of dollars in silly traffic fines that could have been avoided.

When was the last time got a ticket and you said to yourself  ” Man, that could have been avoided.” It’s like going a little too fast down a hill and getting caught in a speed trap at the bottom of the hill.  No more my friends, watch a demonstration below.


Click Here for No More Traffic Tickets, View Current Speed Traps In Your Area, GPS Device or Not.

You know what I just read? I just read that the Evo Mitsubishi wants to release a hybrid car it’s next go around. I’m not how sure how true this might be but just think… your sick kick asphalt evo drifting around turns and corners with hardly any sounds beside your screeching tires. I don’t know about you but that seems alittle wierd. You know what else is wierd? this random cool evo slide show that I put below.

One other thing before I close on this subject. I would like to know if you would still drive the new evo XI if it was hybrid? Comment below and I really want to see what your answers are.

After Watching this I couldn’t help but to wonder… are the drivers ok? Some of these are some nasty evo mitsubishi crashes. Just Imagine going over 90 mph plus around blind corners then all off a sudden your vision goes blurry and your bodies is being jerked really hard in all kinds of weird directions. Well you don’t have to imagine any more because here it goooeeeesss.

YouTube Preview Image

You know… I really enjoy these, it like watching a real live version of Initial D the anime. The Japanese make the race soo exciting by there voice tones and how they express some of the simplest things. They can make “I’m going to the bathroom” in Japanese sound so cool and forceful. Well check out the vid below for some racing goodness. I want to say it’s between a evo mitsubishi mr, and a honda s 2,000…. but wait never mind the video says 2005 evo. Oops

japanese girl

What?…. Oh that’s right the post. *clears throat* All I got to say is I really want to go a Japan….I know what your thinking for the women right? Well your right… for the women, but besides that I hear it’s a cool place and of course it’s the home of the really cool auto shows.  Hence the reason why I included a video below that takes us in an auto show plus revel some bad news about the mitsubishi evo mr.

YouTube Preview Image

Awesome Evo Mitsubishi Simulation Driving! I love the NFS series since need for speed underground.  They have really gone more realist simulation. If I had a big t.v like this and some simulation hook ups the same way, then I would definitely hook it up with with some Need for speed Shift action.

YouTube Preview Image

Awesome sounding turbo’s from a Mustang and a Evo Turbo that’s sounds vicious.  I found this on a great Street racing video site.  This is plenty of awesome sauce to pass around.

AMS Performance Evo 850awhp vs Twin Turbo Cobra at

It’s really not an Evo but it’s an awesome drifting video with some serious racing cars.

YouTube Preview Image

Drift like this and add more horse power to your evo with an evo turbo kit. Check out our page to selecting the right one for you.

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