I’ve heard the term thrown around here and there but I haven’t really any Idea on what it meant. E8 is an alternative gasoline source then the Petroleum that we put at the normal gasoline stations. There is also an Evo that beat a world record using E8 fuel.

Most people are afraid we we start talking gasoline conversions, running your car on water, or other alternate fuel sources. But In times like these you need to think outside the box and at least be open to the idea of it. I found a Video of someone explaining how the conversion takes place.

Pro’s to this is that it’s cheaper then the gas you see, and burns better for the enviroment and your car.

Con’s is that there aren’t that many E8stations around and if there is they may be out of your way to even take advantage of the better fuel alternative.

Just Google Ethanol station and see where’s the nearest your location.

If you can’t find any E8 stations in your area go here to learn about using H2O instead.

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