Mitsubishi CVT Transmission ProblemsMitsubishi CVT Transmission Problems

Compared to a regular automatic gearbox, a CVT transmission is smoother, lasts longer, and, above all, is more fuel-efficient. However, it does have its fair share of flaws, especially when

Mitsubishi Mass Air Flow Sensor SymptomsMitsubishi Mass Air Flow Sensor Symptoms

It’s safe to say that without the MAF sensor, the engine won’t be able to perform properly. Together with the motor’s control unit, it determines how much fuel needs to

How to Change Spark Plugs Mitsubishi Eclipse

How to Change Spark Plugs on Mitsubishi EclipseHow to Change Spark Plugs on Mitsubishi Eclipse

Without spark plugs, there will be no ignition or combustion to start the engine. This is a universal rule for any vehicle, be it a family-friendly sedan, an off-roading SUV,